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Customer Reviews

The Customer Is Always Right

Ed has been my mechanic since 2010. I found out about this place many years ago on the VWVortex forums. The goal was to find a shop that catered to BOTH car enthusiasts and daily drivers, rather than one or the other. Frankly, I have a very low student budget when it comes to car expenses, but I still believe it's better to consistently go to a garage you trust, rather than shopping around for the lowest quote. Pricing has always been fair for what you are getting. The work is detailed and upcoming issues are always noted (if not just ask!). These guys know their stuff but are still quite down to earth for non-enthusiast.

PS. A little trivia tidbit, this is a family owned business. So how did they get their name, Maxed Performance? Well, the father's name is Max and the son in law's name is Ed. Ha!!

Tina T.

I have been taking my cars to Maxed Performance since 2006. Ed and Kenny are really honest and super nice. Their prices are well below dealer prices and they do great work! They never try to upsell you things that you don't need. I highly recommend Maxed Performance!

Mel L.

We have been using the services of Maxed Performance for over 20 years and could not be more pleased. The original owner, Max, was always honest and efficient with service and charges. Now retired, Max's son-in-laws, Ed and Kenny, continue to be excellent mechanics and provide courteous and CLEAN work on all makes of cars. Initially had our 7 series BMW serviced at a fraction of the price charged at the dealership. When we sold that car and purchased a Jaguar, we just continued at Maxed because we knew we would continue to receive honest and reliable auto service regardless of the car make. Ed always explains all service required and gives accurate estimates of same. It is a pleasure knowing your car is being serviced by people who care.

Phyllis M.

I have gone to Maxed Performance since 2008. They have performed all my auto maintenance and repairs on my 2003 VW Passat. They are professional, though, and honest. While getting my oil changed three years ago at an 'oil and lube' place I was told there were cracks in my serpentine belt. I quickly took it to Maxed Performance and waited for them to check the belts. They took the time to show me there were no cracks. Whew !! Did I saw honest - YES !! Thanks guys for being top notch mechanics !!! U R the BEST !!

Irene R.

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